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Old cedar chest decoupaged with Australian calendar prints.

This is an old cedar chest that was badly damaged. The cedar ply had chunks chipped out and it was painted with graffatti. I first glued on the Australian paintings then filled in the gaps with hand made paper that had bits of paper bark in it. Then , dried, pressed hydrangers were added here and there. It has about 60 coats of water based varnish on it, but I never sanded it back because the surface is so uneven. The bowl sitting on the chest is a paper mache bowl. You can find some decoupage prints that a my original artwork at my Cafe Press website.

Decoupage - Plastic serving dish transformed with decoupage.

This is a plastic serving dish from the $2.00 shop.
It was first lightly sanded then painted with "Liquitex Matt Medium" to grab on tight to the plastic. I let it cure for a few days before painting on the background. The background colour was an off white paint by JoSonja. The brown edges were burnt umber and a touch of Pthalo blue. The colours were blended in directly on the dish. It was then varnished with clear water based varnish

Decoupage breakfast tray with tile pattern decoupage prints by Jean Hall

This is a cheap plastic tea tray from the $2.00 shop. Three different tile designs were used to decorate this tray. It was then varnished with clear water based varnish. The background was painted a very dark green which looks almost black, especially in the photo.

Decoupage Sample

Tea tray made with prints from my CD #02 - Lace. Add gorgeous lace prints to your decoupage. Find these prints on my Lace CD

Decoupage roses, butterflies and mix and match prints

Thumbnail of a sample of what can be made with some of the prints on CD #18.
This CD consists of more than 100 prints in all. Butterflies, roses, tea bag tiles, printable gift boxes, sign prints that are so easy to cut and use. Signs that say .. "My Garden", "Welcome", "Home Sweet Home", "Bathroom: etc. Plus lots of other beautiful prints in this set.

Paper Mache fruit bowl with decoupage apples and blossoms.

Paper Mache bowl, molded over a plastic bowl. The apples and blossoms are colour copies of my original artwork. The background is dark green ... not quite as dark as it appears in the photo. I used alternating layers of newspaper and reject paper from a printer to make the paper mache bowl. I then painted the finished bowl with gesso, and sanded it dow to make the surface a bit smoother. It is still un-even but this adds to its's charm. Makes a good fruit bowl. Cost would be for glue, prints and paint.