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Paper Crafts

For most paper craft projects, you will require a cutting tool, such as scissors or a scalpel. When using a craft knife, always keep it filled with a sharp, fresh blade; this makes an accident more unlikely, because you need to place less pressure on it to cut. It is also wise to cut against a metal ruler or a safety ruler with a ridge down the middle. Cut on to either a cutting mat (available from craft shops) or a scrap piece of board. When cutting, always tilt the knife slightly away from your fingers, just in case it should slip. It is also better to make a number of gentle cuts, rather than one hard one. A scalpel is more suitable for some projects as it is less bulky and more pointed.Scissors are another vital piece of equipment. Most of the time a simple, average-sized pair of sharp scissors is fine, but it is a good idea to have a smaller pair for tiny corners and little details. Pinking shears are useful when a decorative sigsag edge is required.If you have access to a desk-top guillotine, this is useful for cutting large pieces of paper into smaller pieces, as the cut is clean all the way along the edge.Another handy tool for making neat holes in paper and card, in projects such as the gift tags, is a stationery hole punch.