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Make a winter necklace with Bead Sticks and Fuzzy Caterpillar Yarn

How to make a necklace for your winter wardrobe.
You will need some fuzzy caterpillar yarn which is available from specialty yarn shops. This is the yarn that has fluffy bits separated or spaced out by plain string.
You will also need three or four bead sticks depending on how long you want to make the necklace.
Lastly, you will need some 8mm pony beads.
Measure the gap between the fuzzy caterpillars and then cut your bead sticks accordingly with a sharp blade as shown in the photos. Cut into lengths so that two bead sticks plus three pony beads fill up the space between two fuzzy caterpillars.
String the beads on the yarn following the pattern in the photo. You will need to force the beads over the fuzzy caterpillars. Finally, add a clasp if your necklace is short. If your necklace can fit comfortably over your head you can simply tie the yarn in a knot and conceal it inside one of the beads. A drop of super glue will help keep it secure.